autobidsonline (continued)

Serious Prospects, Serious Sales

Best of all, we put you in an EXCLUSIVE negotiating position with your prospects, so you don’t have to worry about competitors undercutting your efforts.

So how does it all work? is inherently attractive to vehicle buyers because it allows them to submit bids without disclosing their personal information until you present them with an offer they find acceptable.

Think that is a bad thing? Think again - about all of the dead-end leads you're getting from the other sites.

And since our buyers pay anywhere from $19.99 for a single vehicle submission to $299.99 for a lifetime subscription, you know they’re already invested in the vehicle buying process.

Once you receive a lead, you can reply with a quote on the exact vehicle they requested, if you have it, or on something similar. The buyer can choose to disclose their personal info to you at anytime prior to accepting your bid.

How exactly does benefit your dealership?