Just How Much Are Dead-End
Leads Costing Your Dealership?

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We're AutoBidsOnline.com and studies have shown you spend no less than 1 man-hour for every lead that comes into your Internet Department. And when 90% of those leads are from those who have absolutely no intention of buying a car, that is just a ridiculous level of operational expense and unproductivity!

Yet when more than 3 out of every 4 new car buyers turn to the internet to gather information, shop for prices and select their preferred dealer, just how can you make the most out of a seemingly untenable situation?

At AutoBidsOnline, we have found the way... we are convincing new car buyers every day it is in their interest to pay a fee to submit their lead online. Think we're crazy? Think again.

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The AutoBids Way
  • Serious Buyers
  • Exclusive Negotiating Position
  • Dramatically Increased Productivity / ROI
The Others' Way
  • You get leads from EVERYONE - including online tire-kickers, pranksters, children & worse - you pay for them all!
  • Unanswered emails & calls
  • Lack of excitement in sales staff

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