• What is AutoBidsOnline?
    Quite frankly, the most innovative way to expand your market presence and generate the most serious online leads.

    With more than 3 out of every 4 new car buyers turning to the internet in their car shopping experience, there are a myriad of sites that enable consumers to research, configure, price and compare virtually any new car available in the US market. Sites such as
    KBB.com, Edmunds.com, Cars.com and AutoTrader.com advertise heavily to drive customers to their sites. And according to Google, more than 50 million search entries will be made this month driving consumers to these and other automotive research sites.

    Even with new car sales at their lowest levels in years, there are amazing numbers of consumers turning to the web to shop for new cars. The opportunity for each product rests in several major flaws consistent in the business models of each of the dominant players above.

    In general, the competitive sites each have an inherent goal of getting the consumer to “Request a 'FREE' Quote.” In doing so, the consumer must enter their contact information which is then sold as a lead to a multitude of dealers. In turn, each dealer pays for the lead and initiates communication in an attempt to secure the sale.

    Research indicates this model has been far from successful. Even the most successful dealers close just 1 in 10 online leads and the vast majority close less than 1 in 20. Recent reports and discussions in online talk forums indicate dealers are quite dissatisfied with these models and are dropping many of the lead generation sites altogether.

    Further, there is growing dissatisfaction among the car buying public with the aforementioned sites. Most consumers are concerned with their personal privacy and become immediately distrustful when instead of receiving a quote, they receive calls from dealers trying to get them to come to the lot. Rarely do they receive an actual quote online and it has begun to backfire on the dealers and the aforementioned websites.
  • What Will It Do For Me?
    It will provide you with the most serious online buying leads, from those who have paid a fee to submit a bid on the car they want. Further, it gives you exclusivity for each lead you get. Unlike the other sites who sell the same, unqualified lead to several dealers, we provide you with exclusivity.
  • How Much Does It Cost?
    AutoBidsOnline is a member based dealer community. Like an exclusive country club, we are offering memberships to only a select number of dealers. At present, there are 500 memberships available at $499 per year. In addition, there is a $49 fee per lead won.

    Remember, the only leads you get are the ones that you win. So be sure to bid aggressively and bid quickly.

    Best of all, if you are one of the first 5 dealers in your state to sign up, you will receive leads for free for the rest of 2009.

    AutoBidsOnline.com - Bringing Serious Buyers to Serious Dealers
  • What Makes AutoBidsOnline Unique?
    Unlike other lead generation sites, which encourage consumers to request a "free" quote, AutoBidsOnline engages consumers who are in the final stages of their typical research / buying cycle. Our consumer members pay a nominal fee to submit a “Buy Bid” specifying the vehicle they want and how much they are willing to pay for it.

    In turn, dealers know the buyer is serious and can use AutoBids to meet or counter the prospect's bid. This results in a more competitive purchase price for the consumer but a far more serious lead for the dealer.

    Admittedly many dealers are initially wary of our model. However, when they learn the consumer has paid a fee to keep their data private, the dealer knows they are serious about buying a car and their objection softens considerably. Secondly, the dealer only pays for the lead if they win the bid. It does not cost the dealer anything to submit a counter-offer nor do we charge if they want to counter with a slightly different vehicle or configuration. Either way, we are putting serious buyers together with serious dealers to secure a quicker sale.

    Of course, once the dealer wins the consumer's bid, he still has the opportunity to negotiate the trade, F&I and other back end products. Any perceived "lost" gross on the front end can be made up on the back and through increased efficiencies, higher CSI and additional volume. But when you think about it, the front end margins on new cars is already skinny. So why not get aggressive online and open your dealership up to a new wave of consumer who is eager to buy online?

  • Who is CyberCalc?
    CyberCalc is the parent company and developers of AutoBidsOnline.com.

    Since 1999, the company has been a leading provider of B2B automotive leasing apps. The company’s namesake product has become the number one consumer leasing program in the southwest and boasts some of the nation’s most successful lessors as longtime clients. During our ten years, the company has also developed a myriad of supporting applications which include merchant payment services, custom designed private label applications, web based workflow, retail finance, commercial equipment and alternative vehicle leasing applications.

    The company’s latest effort is a play in the B2C consumer car buying market. AutoBidsOnline.com is a revolutionary new online vehicle sales community and is fundamentally changing the way people buy and sell cars. Prospective buyers have access to the most up-to-date pricing, ratings and reviews and dealers are assured of getting only the most qualified, serious buying leads.