autobidsonline (continued)

Exclusive Negotiating Position With Prospective Customers Who’ve Paid To Submit a Lead

Have you noticed that the number of emails you get from casual vehicle buyers (i.e., “tire-kickers”) has increased dramatically over the last few years?

It’s because most lead referral sites have a flaw in their business models…a flaw that runs contrary the dealer’s best interests. They send you as many leads as possible and flood your mailboxes with a torrent of leads—most of which are cold at best.

Yes, more than 75% of today’s vehicle shoppers go online at some point to research new vehicles and obtain pricing information, but relatively few are serious about buying today.

Serious buyers are out there – and in significant numbers. However, the question is, “are you getting leads that really want to buy a car today?”

Let us increase your ROI by reducing time spent dealing with tire-kickers and dead-end leads…

We provide you with red-hot, qualified leads who’ve shown their commitment by paying money to submit a lead online.
We’re, and we have a targeted, focused and efficient engine to drive only the hottest leads to your internet department.

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