About AutoBidsOnline

AutoBidsOnline.com ("ABOL") is a wholly owned subsidiary of DJ Automotive Information Services, Inc. (“DJAIS”), in Dallas, Texas.

Founded in 1999 and known for its development of CyberCalc – a proprietary leasing software application for franchised auto dealers, credit unions and independent lessors – DJAIS is committed to best practices and best of breed technology throughout all of its ventures. Our programs help customers increase volume and maximize profitability with innovative applications that are simple and fast.

The company’s latest effort, AutoBidsOnline.com, is a revolutionary new online vehicle sales community. Prospective Buyers have access to the most up-to-date pricing, ratings and reviews and Dealers are assured of getting only the most qualified, serious buying leads. ABOL is the first of its kind and is fundamentally changing the way people buy and sell cars.

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