Why Play Games?

Some dealers still just don’t get it. They continue to play the games that have plagued them for so many years.

At AutoBidsOnline.com, you can avoid all the dealer games. We deal with only the most reputable dealers that really do get it. By working with AutoBidsOnline, you can be sure dealers want your business and are confident they don’t need to play games to get it.

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Are You A Dealer?

Unlike the other sites, AutoBidsOnline members have shown their commitment to buying. They recognize their time is valuable and have paid a fee to demonstrate to you how serious they are about buying today.

Get on board with rock-solid leads from the most serious buyers on the net and quit wasting time and money on online tire-kickers, teenagers and mildly interested shoppers. Sign up today at our dealer site: AutoBidsOnline.com.

You NEVER pay for a lead unless you win the buyer's bid. And most importantly, your lead will be exclusive and will not be sold to your competition! Get on board at AutoBidsOnline.com today!

Here is Just One Example of Today's Dealers Games

At AutoBidsOnline, we like to say, “Don’t Request a Quote, Set Your Price!™” What we mean by that is exemplified by the way dealers treat prospects from the other car “research” sites. Below is the text from an actual email received by a Dallas car buyer who made the mistake of requesting a “free” quote at one of the other sites. The names have been replace with “NNNN” but it the rest is exactly as received by the customer.


4/28/2009 12:00:00 AM

Hello NNNN,

This is just a friendly reminder that this is the Last week of the month. You will probably get a large amount of e-mails from lots of dealers asking you to stop in. WELL I'm not going to do that.

Stop in when you can anytime before Friday. Find the car or suv of choice and we will take your offer and take another $500.00 off.

Now the only thing is you have to be here before Friday the 1st and not make a reasonable offer. It has to be un-reasonable for us to do that.

Oops I did ask you to come in. Hope to see you soon

** special end May 1st 2009** Dealer adds included**

Internet/Fleet Sales Manager


Now, why would ANYONE want to put up with such high cheese???

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AutoBidsOnline is a revolutionary new online vehicle sales community. Prospective Buyers have access to the most up-to-date pricing, ratings and reviews and Dealers are assured of getting only the most qualified, serious buying leads. ABOL is the first of its kind and is fundamentally changing the way people buy and sell cars online.