• In general, how does AutoBidsOnline work?
    Research, compare and review the car(s) you are interested in. Our cutting edge tools and vehicle builder give you the most current pricing, options and packages on virtually every new car available in the US market. Once you have selected the exact car you are looking for, complete with color, options and accessories, you place a Buy Bid that will be sent immediately to the AutoBidsOnline Dealer Network. Dealers may then accept your bid, place a counter offer or suggest a different vehicle for you to consider.

    THROUGHOUT THE ENTIRE BIDDING PROCESS, YOUR PERSONAL CONTACT INFORMATION IS KEPT PRIVATE FROM THE DEALER NETWORK! Only when you choose to share your contact information with a Dealer will they be able to contact you directly.

    When a Dealer does accept your bid, share your contact information or contact the Dealer directly and arrange your trade and financing (if necessary).

    IMPORTANT: For a number of reasons, AutoBidsOnline does not, and cannot guarantee that your deal will actually get done. While a Dealer's acceptance of your bid is a guaranteed purchase amount, your deal may not get done for reasons beyond our control. We do however provide Feedback and Community Response Forums that will help ensure that all parties conduct business "above board" in an ethical and honest way.
  • Why should I pay to subscribe to this site when I can get pricing and reviews on other sites for free?
    First, you don’t have to. You can still research and compare vehicles with all their options, pictures and reviews for no cost whatsoever.

    However, for as little as $19.99, we put you in charge of your next car deal! Unlike the other automotive sites, we respect your privacy. We keep your personal contact information secure and private until YOU choose to share it with a Dealer.

    The other sites let you view options and comparisons, some will even give you accurate pricing. However, in order to "get a quote" from a Dealer, you have to provide them with your personal contact data. They then sell your contact information to their network of Dealers and BINGO! You've just lost control. You're phone will start ringing and your email inbox will begin to fill with auto-replies and Dealer follow-ups.

    AutoBidsOnline will never sell or otherwise distribute your information without your permission! Instead, your subscription fee keeps your personal data secure and you benefit from dealers actually competing for your business!
  • If you are keeping my information from the Dealers, why would they even respond to my bid?
    For a number of reasons. First, they know you are a SERIOUS buyer. You've paid a fee to place your bid and demonstrated you have a vested interest in purchasing a new car. When they get prospect information from other sites, they don't know whether you are a 10 year old kid playing around on the net, or whether you are merely an online "tire-kicker." The lack of quality information from the other sites really creates a negative atmosphere in Dealers' Internet Sales Departments.

    Second, Dealers know that if they DON'T respond to your bid, one of their competitors will. And most importantly, Dealers are incented to respond as quickly as possible and be ultra-competitive in evaluating your bid as they can only win your business if they are the FIRST to accept your bid.
  • What about my trade(s)?
    While we hope to be able to offer you a Guaranteed Buy Bid on your trade(s) in the near future, we do not have that capability at this time.

    However, there are still several things you can do to maximize your trade value:

    1. ALWAYS have it detailed prior to trading, selling privately or even having it appraised. A clean car will always bring more money.
    2. If you have the time, patience and wherewithal, try to sell it privately.
    3. If you cannot or do not want to sell it privately, take it to CarMax if possible. They offer a no-haggle, Guaranteed Buy Bid that is good for 7 days or 300 miles. If you do not have a CarMax in your area, try a local bank or credit union. Many times, they will give you a bid if you ask.

    If you do not use one of the methods above, and still want to trade with the dealer, by all means do so. However, you should ALWAYS keep the trade negotiation separate from the vehicle purchase negotiation.

    Similarly, you should do the same with the financing of your new purchase. Try to get a pre-approved loan or lease and compare their terms to those presented by the dealer.

    Lastly, the AutoBidsOnline methodology already sets you up for this, but ALWAYS negotiate with the dealer as if you were going to pay cash. Compartmentalizing the Purchase Price, the value of your Trade and the terms of your Finance will go a long way to ensuring you get the best possible car deal!